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Jim Cornette Tells Story of Threatening To Shoot Brock Lesnar With A Gun

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Jim Cornette is known as a loud mouth and one of the greatest managers of the 80’s. What you don’t know about Jim is that he has helped build a lot of the wrestling stars that we all know and love today. Behind the scenes in the WWE, James E. Cornette was in control of OVW in the mid to 1990’s. That was where WWF would build and work on there stars for tomorrow. Much like NXT is today.

Many starts came out of OVW, Randy Orton, Batista, John Cena and one Brock Lesnar to name a few. Well early on in his WWE career in OVW Brock Lesnar was teamed with another great hand Shelton Benjiman. The reason they was teamed together according Jim was because Shelton was such a great worker and Brock could come in for the save when Shelton was wore down and they could have something entertaining to work with.

Brock and Shelton was teamed as faces and one of the teams that they would go up against was the Disciples  of Synn . Well this is where the situation with Brock comes into play. Synn was the female manager of the team and she loved to take bumps from the boys (get slammed, punched etc.). Well Synn happens to be the girlfriend of Jim Cornette, and that is where the trouble begin. Brock was telling Synn he was going to squeeze her when he got her in the press slam all day and she said you better not. Brock apparently squeezed Synn real hard in her private area anyway and they got into a huge argument in front of Jim Cornette and you can listen to the rest below.

Ric Flair and Ricky Morton Shoot On Andre The Giant

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We all have heard of the legendary stories of the late great Eight Wonder of The World, Andre The Giant. His unique size and strength capitulated him to the top of the world of wrestling, but his drinking stories are the stuff of legend. Anyone who hung out with Andre talked about how much alcohol the man could consume. At one point it is said that he consumed a case of beer every 90 minutes, EVERY NINETY MINUTES FOLKS!!! WOW

Anyhow another guy that was known for his legendery drinking is the Nature Boy Ric Flair. The Naitch like Andre is known to be a heavy drinker in his own right. In a interview on his podcast, Ric sat down with another wrestling legend Ricky Morton. Ricky and Flair went over several legendary story-lines, characters and more then came up the stories of Andre.

Apparently Ricky Morton and Ric Flair have had quite a few run in’s with the Eighth Wonder of The World. Ricky went on to tell stories about going out to eat with Andre and how much it cost to feed the big man. Flair  went on to talk about how it was to fly with Andre and how Larry Henning told Ric that Andre had two sets of teeth and two hearts and he actually believed him. Ricky went on to talk about being at the same hotel as the Giant. Ric Flair talked about how famous Andre was and how it was to run into the him in the airport. Check out the shoot below and let us know what you think.

Jim Cornette On Fake Diesel and Fake Razor

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Jim Cornette has never been one to be shy about what he feels about wrestling storylines and characters. Jim is old school when it comes to wrestling and he is not very big on today’s product. Cornette has an opinon on just about everything that is has come and gone in the world of wrestling.

Which brings us to the mid 90’s. At that time Jim was a booker for the World Wrestling Federeation which is now known as the WWE . Jim was basically in charge of setting up matches and making wrestlers look good in their matches.

At that time though, two of WWF’s biggest stars left the company (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash), known as Razor Ramon and “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel. The powers that be in the WWF (mainly Vince Mcmahon) thought that even though the guys who played Diesel and Razor was gone they still owned the rights to the characters. So Vince decided to bring the characters back.

Jim started hearing rumors that Hall and Nash was returning and was caught off guard. So he caught up with Tom Pritchard he believes at the time who told him they are just bringing back the characters and Jim was in charge of teaching them how to be Razor and Diesel.

So Diesel was played by Glen Jacobs who you might better known as Kane and Diesel was played by Rick Bognar. In this interview Jim talks about training them which according to Jim wasn’t to hard. Let us know what you think below.