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Bob Backlund Shoot On Vince Mcmahon Senior and Junior

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Bob Backlund is the crazy coach/manager of Darren Young. For the older fan of the sport Bob was one of the longest running WWF Champions from late 70’s to the early 80’s. Bob was the top draw for Vince Mcmahon senior during this time he took on the likes Big John Studd, Superstar Billy Graham, Superfly Jimmy Sunka, Harley Race,Ric Flair and many more legends in some great and memorable matches.

After his run in the early 80’s though, Bob Backlund faded away. Hulkamania started running wild and there was no room for a all american wholesome boy next door like Backlund. It seemed as though Bob’s career quietly faded off and there was never going to be another Bob Backlund run.

That was until the early 90’s when Bob made his return to the World Wrestling Federation under the same gimmick that he appeared under several years earlier, the squeaky clean all american boy. Now the owner of the Federation Vince Mcmahon Jr. saw a different approach with Bob. He turned him into a loose cannon that wasn’t able to be controlled. This ultimately turned Bob’s career around and he ended up regaining the WWF title, although it was a short title run, he still made it to the top of the moutain again which many people thought he wouldn’t be able to.

In this shoot interview Mr. Backlund talks about working for Vince Sr. and Jr. and gives some insight into why Senior thought he was the best guy to lead the company. He also talks about how both men are different. It gives some insight into someone who has worked for both Vince Sr. and Jr.

Ryback Shoots On Triple H

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Way back earlier in 2016 you might recall Ryback quitting the WWE after writing a long blog post on his frustrations with WWE (you can read the post by clicking here). Ryback wrote about how wrestling is the only job where you do what your told and you get paid less for doing it and many other frustrations. It made sense to some. It mostly pissed off the Internet Wrestling Community because they believe that he wasn’t that good of a wrestler and that he was trying to make himself more than what he was. So Ryback did in his post WWE career that he couldn’t do during his tenure there and that was stir up everyone.

Before his eventful departure from the WWE , Ryback was seen as a Goldberg wanna be older fans and never quit got traction with newer fans. Some people think that he wasn’t given enough opportunity, others think that he was given too much opportunity.

After Ryback (real name Allen Reeves) left he actually pulled a Ultimate Warrior move and legally changed his name to Ryback(that’s when you know things are getting deep). He has been wrestling on the independent scene since.

During a recent interview Ryback was asked about Triple H and his views on him. Ryback gave his views of what he thought about H and he told a story how he was wrestling down in developmental and Triple H had a conversation with him that changed his view of wrestling forever. Check out the short clip below and let us know what you think.

Kurt Angle 2016 Shoot Interview

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Kurt Angle is one of if not the best wrestler in the last 20 years. He jumped on to the scene in the late 90’s at the end of the attitude era and has never looked back. Immeditely upon entering the WWE than known as the WWF, Kurt made a name for himself. Within in his first year of wrestling he held all the organizations major singles title which included the WWF title.  Many people think that Kurt had the greatest rookie year of any professional wrestler ever.

After holding the WWF title numerous times, The Tag Team Championship and every other singles titles he left the organization in 2006 and headed to Total Nonstop Action-TNA. Upon entering TNA Kurt was an instant success and feuded with every major player that they had to offer.

Kurt has had some of the greatest matches of this century too. Who can forget Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania or his matches with Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, The Rock. The man constantly puts out 5 star matches all the time.

These days Kurt is a free agent agent. There has been rumors that Kurt was headed back to the WWE after leaving TNA which has many fans ecstatic about the possibility of dream matches with current WWE Stars.  In a recent interview with Title Match Wrestling at Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling Kurt talks about his dream opponents at Wrestlemania. Kurt goes on to discuss  who he would like to wrestle in the WWE if given the opportunity. He also goes on to talk about who is legit tough outside the ring. Also find out who else Kurt thinks is the best  in the world by checking out this shoot.

Teddy Long Shoots On Racism, Melina, Bella Twins and More

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Theodore Robert Rufus Long or Teddy Long as he is known in wrestling has been a little of everything in the squared circle. He has been a Manager,Ref, Smackdown Manager. To younger fans that never heard of him he just has the catch phrase playa and was a pretty cool Smackdown Manager. To older fans though that remember the NWA. They might remember Teddy starting out as a referee. After Teddy was a referee he went on to become a bit more famous as a tag team manager of Doom (Ron Simmons and Butch Reed).

Before Teddy was any of these on air roles he was an errand boy for Tommy Rich and Abdullah The Butcher. After that he was a ring boy. Teddy worked his way up through the ranks to be where he is today. So he was not an over night success. Throughout his career Teddy has faced numerous acts of racism that probably prevented him from being even bigger of a star or a manager.

In This shoot interview with You Shoot Teddy goes on to discuss how Ric Flair didn’t like him. How Ole called him the N word right there in the ring. He also gives plenty of other examples how talent treated him just because he was of dark skin. That is not the only thing he talks about either. He talks about Melina sleeping around. He listens to an excerpt from a Tony Atlas story and gives his views. He also talks about a strange Tony Atlas story and his fetish.

10 Angles In Pro Wrestling That Turned Into Real Life Shoots

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In Pro Wrestling there is one thing that almost everyone agrees on and that is that wrestling is fake. Well almost everyone agrees that it is fake expect the wrestlers and entertainers themselves. Many angles over the years have involved art imitating life. What you see going on in the ring is what is going on behind the scenes. Sometimes it don’t start out that way but it ends up that way. For example Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels feud started out as a great opportunity for the up and comers to be in the spot light and it ended up the too became so competitve that they feuded with each other backstage or behind the scenes all the way up until 2010 when the two patched things up. Check out this video below of 10 angles or storylines that ended up being real life shoots or real life situations in which things really got heated up.

People are human and sometimes when you trying to fake something in front of a crowd it ends up being something you really like or you something you really hate. When something like that happens the angle ends up being really good but somebody’s career ends up suffering because of it. This video shows 10 angles of  how when life imitates wrestling it affects careers, lives, and events that can only happen in the wild world of wrestling and sports entertainment. If your still stuck on “It’s still real to me” than this is the video that will help you sleep a little better at night.

Goldberg Shooting On The Politics In Wrestling and WCW

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Bill Goldberg rather you love him or not has made a huge impact on the world of professional wrestling. Goldberg has he is called in the ring is one of the only stars that WCW built during the Hulk Hogan/NWO era. He is also a former WCW World Champion and when he made it to WWF he became their world champion as well. Goldberg being a former football has been known to wrestling smarks has someone who is dangerous in the ring and has hurt many wrestlers. One of the most notable names who has been injured in the ring with Goldberg is Bret Hart who suffered a career ending injury at the hands of Goldberg. Another problem that fans have had with him is that he wasn’t truly a fan of the sport.

One thing that many people behind the scenes say is that Goldberg became increasingly hard to work with the more popular he got. One person that has said on numerous occasions that Bill was hard to work with was WCW Vice President Eric Bischoff. Bischoff said it became so hard to deal with him that he hated seeing him coming.

In this shoot on the Stonecold Podcast Bill Goldberg gives his views of what happened behind the scenes. He paints a different picture according to his view of things of what really happened in WCW politics. If what he says is true then its understable the reason why Bill was the way he was and its easy to see why some might find him hard to deal with and he does come clean about being hard to work with in the winding down days of WCW.

Big Show Shooting On John Cena On Putting People Over

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Big Show Paul Wight has been around for almost 20 years now. He has saw the best and the worst wrestlers around come and go. Big Show has even been to the top of the mountain a few times himself as World Champion and WWE Champion. He is considered a ring veteran and one of the best big men that the sport has ever seen. Recently on the Stonecold Steve Austin Podcast he was asked about John Cena putting people over.

The background on that is that it’s been told by numerous wrestler and smart marks that Cena doesn’t want to put anyone over. Many fans point to Wade Barrett as proof of that. Even Edge and Christian in an other podcast with Chris Jericho said that some of Cena’s logic behind winning was senseless at best. It’s no denying that over the years it seems like Cena  has just about beat everyone that has come into the WWE even Big Show himself.

In this interview Big Show gives his thoughts on Cena putting people over and rather he thinks that is true or not. Him and Steve talk about what gives people the impression of John  but before they go into that they give their opinion on the man’s work ethic and ability to carry the company. It might suprise you because he doesn’t agree with what other wrestlers have said about “Superman” John Cena. He goes on to state why or why not wrestlers and fans alike are right or wrong about John Cena. As usual lets us know what you think below.

Jim Ross Shoots On The Brand Split In WWE

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Jim Ross is one insider who knows how the WWE works. He was with the company off and on for close to 20 years. So when he gives his opinion most people listen. Recently the World Wrestling Entertainment started a new brand extension or split if you want to call it. You have the Raw brand which is lead by Stephanie Mcmahon and Mick Foley. And you have the Smackdown Brand lead by Daniel Bryan and Shane Mcmahon. Both shows will be live every Monday and Tuesday night.

There is lot of people who have mixed reviews of the brand split, especially the internet wrestling community who think that it probably won’t work. Also a lot of fans concern is over the Championship and that having two Champions waters down the meaning of the title (Ric Flair had that view as well).  In this excerpt from the Ross Report Jim gives his side of it. He lets everyone know that he was involved with the first brand split and what he thinks is the difference between now and then.

Good Ol’ Jr is very insightful with his view. He likes the idea and thinks that Smackdown will be much better for reasons outlined in the interview. He really believes that this is an opportunity for all the talent to really take advantage of the spotlight. He thinks that this is the way to find the next big star. He also lays out what he thinks the rules should be to make the brand split work.

Scott Steiner Shoots On Why He Don’t Like Hulk Hogan

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Scott Steiner is an accomplished wrestler. Him and his brother Rick Steiner  have held numerous world tag team titles. On his Big Pappa Pump has he named himself has held the WCW World Heavyweight Title, the US Title and more. Scott is also an accomplished amateur wrestler and body builder. So when it comes to being legit tough he is known to be a badass. Scott knowing that he has tough has also ran his mouth on some pretty big stars in the sport of professional wrestling.

. Where Scott is a straight shooter in the sports entertainment world there is a lot more politics than just athleticism that goes into being a superstar.  Scott has the athleticisim all figured out and no one can doubt that. The one thing Scotty don’t get is the politics.Scott has not been shy in his thoughts on Triple H, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan those guys are known as some of the biggest stars and some of the biggest politicians. In fact, there has was a time that Hulk Hogan’s wife called the law on Steiner because he was talking trash about Hulk Hogan in an airport. In numerous interviews Scott just trashed the Hulkster without even giving an excuse why.

In this excerpt from a interview. The interviwee ask Scott about Hulk Hogan. Steiner goes on to give his reason why he don’t like Hogan. Scott gives some legit reasons why he has dislike for the Hulkster. It’s a insightful interview with an usually loud and crazy Scott Steiner.

Ric Flair Shoot Interview With Cody Rhodes

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One feud that will always stand out to fans is Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes. In fact, if you want to hear what Dusty Rhodes had to say about Ric Flair click here . Now Dusty has passed away and Ric has pretty much hung up the boots. There talent and ability live on through their children though. Ric Flair is the father of Charlotte, and Dusty Rhodes is the father of the legendary Goldust and the very talented Cody Rhodes.

In this interview Ric Flair interviews Cody Rhodes in his 2 episode of “The Ric Flair Show Podcast”. As most of you are aware Cody recently quit the World Wrestling Entertainment. The reason that most are saying is because of his dissatisfaction with the Stardust character. Cody starts out talking about life growing up the American Dream. He also talks about meeting Ric Flair for the first time and his initial thoughts of the former 16 time World Champion. Flair talks about Cody and Charlotte starting out and hard it had to be on them following in his and Dusty’s shadow.

Cody also talks about what he wanted to do before he was wrestler. He also talked about what made him want to be a professional wrestler. They went on to ask him about what he is doing now that he is out of the big leagues, if he is going to be wrestling soon and if so who?(You’ll want to hear this). He also goes on to talking about watching his fathers tapes and so much more. It’s really a great interview and if your a Cody fan your really going to want to listen.