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Mean Gene Okerlund Shoots On Leaving WWF For WCW

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One name that comes to mind when you mention interviewer’s and announcers in WCW/WWF is Mean Gene Okerlund. Gene has been around for some of the most history making spots in pro wrestling. Gene was there the day Hulk Hogan won the WWF world heavyweight title. Gene was also there with a mic the day Hulk Hogan turned his back on the fans and joined the NWO. It’s not to often an interviewer is just as much part of the interview as the interviewee but Gene is that Man.

After his career in the AWA in the early 80’s Gene went on to join the World Wrestling Federation. Gene spent the next ten years in the federation interviewing and announcing some of the biggest names in pro wrestling history. In the early nineties though Gene just quit appearing on WWF television and one day just popped up on WWF’s competition television, WCW.  It’s not been really mentioned what happened between Vince Mcmahon, WWF, and Mean Gene. No one knew if Gene was fired,quit, or his contract just wasn’t renewed.

In this shoot Gene discusses everything that happened between him and Vince during that time. He discusses if he has a good relationship with Mcmahon. He also discusses how he left WWF. What it was like working in WCW. He also talks about what it was like working for Eric Bischoff and much more. It really is an insightful view of what it was like during the early ninties for Mean Gene and his transition from WWF to WCW.

Jim Cornette Shoots On Shinsuke Nakamura

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“The King Of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura is the new face in NXT. Shinsuke is not new to wrestling though, in Japan at only the age of 36 he is already considered a legend and one of their greats. He has won the IWGP Heavyweight title twice, and he has been an IWGP Intercontinental Champion and a tag team champion on occasion. The IWGP title is the most prestgious wrestling title there is in Japan. To say that this guy does not bring a background full of greatness is an understatement.

Now that he is in NXT, he has already made a huge impact. In his first match in WWE’s minor league promotion (if you ask me, its best promotion). He took on the “Face of NXT” Sami Zayn. In one of the more memorable matches in the past few years, Shinsuke went on to defeat Sami in an instant classic. Now with a few wins under his belt and a promised match with the NXT Champion, Shinsuke is scheduled for a match with former NXT champ Finn Baylor.

Recently on the Ross Report, Jim Ross sat down with the king of shoots in my opinion Jim Cornette. Jim gives his thoughts on Shinsuke in the NXT. He also tells what he thinks will happen once Nakamura gets called up to the main roster. To give you a hint, Jim is not so sure that Vince will know what to do with “The King of Strong Style”. It’s a good shoot, let us know what you think.

Steve Austin Shoots On Roman Reigns and Why He Can’t Get Over

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Recently on Stonecold Steve Austin’s podcast him and Wade Keller talked about  Roman getting over in WWE. Steve Austin happens to be one of the most “over” WWE superstars of all time. When it comes to knowing how to get over or what it takes to get over he would be the go to guy. Wade Keller is a professional wrestling columnist so he is basically a walking pro wreslting encyclopedia he is easily an expert in the professional wrestling field.

Roman Reigns has been a professional wrestler for only a few short years. He has actually only been on the main rooster for 4 of those years. So he is still growing and learning who and what he is in the ring. While doing so he has also been pushed to the top of the World Wrestling Entertainment brand. They are trying to make him their next John Cena. While doing so though he has come across as being forced and fake. A lot of the smart wrestling fans and the internet wrestling community are totally against the Roman Reigns push. A lot of just passing fans do not like him either, he has not found a way to connect with them.

In this excerpt from Steve’s podcast him and Wade Keller go over why Roman is not getting over and what it would take to get him over. WWE still has a lot of work to do in order to get their chosen one over. Listen in and tell us what you think!

Seth Rollins Shoots On Bret Hart

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Seth Rollins to many was the best WWE Heel Champion in years. His promos are spot on and his mic word is solid. His in ring work reminds you of Shawn Michaels with a touch of Ric Flair. To say the guy don’t have what it takes is an understatement.  He has worked in the WWE for 7 years. He was on the independents even longer than that. The World Wrestling Entertainment crowd might find him to be kind of a newbie but hardcore wrestling fans know that Seth has been around for a while and is a ring veteran.

Even though Seth is a ring veteran, accidents do happen. Sting suffered a neck injury while wrestling Seth Rollins at Night of Champion 2015.  John Cena got his nose broke at the hands of a knee from Seth Rollins and Seth himself had a knee injury against Kane at a house show in Europe that costed him 7 months of his career and the WWE Title.

Bret Hart on the other hand is one of the sports greatest legends. Known as the “Excellence of Execution” happens to be no joke for the Hitman. His in ring work is noted has being some of the best the sport has ever seen. When Bret went to work no one got injured and hurt in the Hitman’s matches. He took good care of the guys he was wrestling and no one, even his enemies can say that he wasn’t a good wrestler that took good care of everyone he wrestled in the ring.

Recently Bret Hart made the comment that “Seth was not a safe worker” and that he was dangerous and careless. In this shoot interview with Chris Jericho, Seth speaks about Bret saying that and his reaction to it.


Paul Roma Shoots On Triple H

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Triple H Paul Levesque has made a few enemies throughout the years. His rise from Hunter Hearse Hemsley to WWF champion Triple H made him the envy of many wrestlers around him. What really tipped the bucket though was his marriage to WWF owner Vince Mcmahon’s daughter Stephanie Mcmahon. Triple H is also one that has not been shy about saying comments that offend other wrestlers.

One wrestler that Triple H has offended is Paul Roma. Paul Roma’s name might not be recognizable to the younger crowd. Paul had a great physique and look and wasn’t even that bad on the mic to be honest. But for whatever reason, Paul was pretty much enhancement talent for the WWF (a jobber) and never won any major titles in his wrestling career. After Paul’s WWF career wrapped up, he went on to join WCW. That is where the highest point of Paul’s career ever got too. He  was apart of the 4 Horsemen along side the likes of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Ole Anderson. Wrestling along side names like that brings your name up a notch or two . At least it would for most wrestlers but nothing really came of it and Paul withered out into the sunset.

Roma’s hatered for Triple H though comes from his comments made in the 4 Horsemen DVD. Triple H with WWE production help bashed Paul Roma being the surprise member of the Horsemen. Basically stating Paul Roma removed credibility of the Horsemen. So in this shoot Paul Roma gives his side of the story and his thoughts on Triple H, Paul Levesque.


Kevin Nash Shoots On The Rock: “I Had A Ton Of Respect Until…..”

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Kevin Nash is one of the great big men in the sport of wrestling. He got his big break in WWF when he debuted as Diesel, Shawn Michael’s bodyguard. He went on to win the WWF IC belt than the WWF Championship within a year after his debut. His WWF career was cut short though when he jumped ship for WCW. His jump was one of the reason’s WCW was able to compete with WWF and the reason that WWF almost went out of business.

The only reason WWF didn’t go out of business was due to their young and upcoming stars. One guy was Stonecold Steve Austin, he carried the torch of the WWF and was the star of the show. For a long time he carried the WWF on his back, that was until another young talent was ready to take the helm. That wrestler’s name that stated stealing the spotlight was The Rock or as he likes to be called now Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. When Steve Austin was out on a injury, the Rock became just as big of a success as Steve Austin. These two are the biggest reason’s why WWF won the Monday Night Wars and ultimately the reason why Vince Mcmahon was able to buy WCW.

Fast forward to 2002/3 Vince Mcmahon brings in the original NWO of Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan. For the first time WCW’s biggest draws are meeting WWF biggest draws. It was dream match heaven. On occasion Kevin Nash and The Rock would meet in the ring and in this interview Big Kev (sounds like Sean Waltman  in background) shoots on meeting “The Great One” in the ring.

Mike Graham Shoots On The Radicals: Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, And Eddie Guerrero

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Mike Graham is the son great southern promoter Eddie Graham. Mike was also a professional wrestler in the 70’s where he was a tag partner with Kevin Sullivan up through the early 90’s. After his pro wrestling days was over he was a road agent for the WCW. His tag team partner in the 70’s had much more  success in the square circle than he did, Kevin Sullivan. Kevin and his wife’s  persona as a Devil Worshipers got him them over wherever they went. Fast forward to around 1996, Mike’s an agent in the WCW and Kevin’s in a feud with Chris Benoit an up and coming star in the WCW.

Well Chris started seeing Kevin’s wife Nancy in real life. She actually ended up leaving Kevin for Chris. Fast forward a little later and Kevin is the head Booker of WCW and his friend Mike is the road agent. Kevin is in a position of power over Chris and his friends Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrero. Even though Kevin was in that position he still enabled Chris to win the WCW Heavyweight Title.

Although Kevin at the head of booking still put the title on Chris Benoit, Benoit didn’t trust him. So him , Saturn, Malenko, and Guerrero went to the head of WCW Bill Bush and said “either us or Sullivan and Graham”. Well they had no reason to fire Sullivan and Graham and Benoit and company left and went to WWF where the rest is history. In this shoot Mike Graham gives his side to what happened and what he thought of Benoit and the boys, interesting.

Bret Hart Shoots On Eric Bischoff

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Bret Hart is “The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be” and he is apart of some of the most controversial moments in wrestling. In 1997 Bret Hart after years of being in the World Wrestling Federation and being their champion left for new grounds in the WCW. It was supposed to be WCW’s biggest acquisition and therefore it shoud’ve been the biggest impact on WCW at the time.

Instead of changing the make up of WCW and being a top draw, Bret by most accounts was not used properly and took second fiddle to many other WCW stars even though he was paid more than most and he could’ve made a much bigger impact on the company. Some people even had the theory he was a mole sent by Vince Mcmahon to destroy World Championship Wrestling. That was how poor he was used in WCW. In many interviews Bret has blamed that on one man and that man has been Eric Bischoff.

Bret often has said that Eric didn’t know how the business worked and would often make dumb decision. On the other hand though, Eric said he didn’t hire the same Bret that worked for WWF. He said after the Montreal Screwjob and Owen’s death, Bret wasn’t the same. In this excerpt from an interview, Bret talks about one of the “dumb” booking moves that Eric came up with and how Hogan tried to control  Bischoff. If this is true I can see where Hart is coming from.

Steve Austin Gives His Honest Thoughts and Shoots On Chris Benoit

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Stonecold Steve Austin is known for the 411 on his podcast. He is the reason that there has been a lot of wrestlers pop up with podcast in recent times. He is known as one of the best ever. He is right up there with Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sammartino as the greatest WWE/F Champions of all time. So when Steve speaks on something most wrestling fans listen.

Recently he was asked about Chris Benoit and the WWE Hall of Fame. The question was “Do you think Chris Benoit should go into the Hall of Fame”. No one will ever forget Chris Benoit he is one of the toughest guys to ever lace the boots. He is a former WCW World Champion and he was a WWE World Champion. He is a also a former 4 Horseman, and has held several different titles throughout his career. His work inside the ring is known as some of the best ever. His german suplex and diving headbutt was always spot on. So on paper this man has all the credentials in the world to be any wrestling hall of fame until you look at what he did outside the sport. On three nights between June 22nd and June 25th of 2007, Chris murdered his wife, his son, and then himself.

For all the good he did for wrestling, in that one night he erased it all. Although there is some fans who believe time has heeled wounds and that even though he did a bad thing in three days how can anyone forget the years of hard work he brought to the ring. Well Steve pretty much summed that up in a good way take a listen and enjoy.

Dusty Rhodes On Ric Flair

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Two names that are legendary in the sport of wrestling are Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. In their prime both was elite of the National Wrestling Alliance. Dusty was “The American Dream”, the common man, he stood for all the blue collar workers out there and he would often call himself “Son of A Plumber” to show how much he could relate to everyone out there with ordinary jobs and lives. He was the ultimate face (good guy). Ric Flair was the cocky and arrogant World Heavyweight Champion. He stood for wealth and excess. He had more money than you and he had way more fun than you. All the men were jealous of him and all the girls wanted to be with him. He was the ultimate heel (bad guy) in his day. When these two locked up, it was instant magic and it was instant money for the two. They headlined hundreds of shows and sold out numerous arenas.

Before they was headlining arenas though they was good friends. In fact a young Flair admits in his biography that he wanted to be “Ramblin Ricky Rhodes” Dusty’s little brother. Lucky for us, Dusty told him “we already got a Dusty Rhodes, why don’t you be Ric Flair” and the rest is history. When the 80’s began though both where in line to carry the most prestigious title in wrestling, the NWA World Title.  Both beat Harley Race at different times for that title so there was natural competitive spirit between the two to begin with. So when there feud began in the mid 80’s it felt so natural and real .

In this excerpt from an interview with Dusty he gives his honest opinion of Ric Flair and it might surprise you.