Backstage News On WWE’s Reaction To ROH Looking To Run MSG


    As noted, Sinclair CEO Chris Ripley stated in an interview with The Baltimore Business Journal that Ring of Honor has secured a date with Madison Square Garden for a show next year.
    The speculation is that ROH could run the Garden over WrestleMania weekend. It’s already been reported that AAA in Mexico has also secured a date for The Garden in September.

    Mike Johnson of recently talked about Ring of Honor possibly running a show at the arena. Here is what Johnson said courtesy of

    “I hear that WWE is very upset about the idea of Ring of Honor and AAA running that building. Apparently it just dawned on them that, ‘Oh my god, someone else is going to run Madison Square Garden” for the first time since the 1920s.’

    “I really believe that WWE didn’t believe that The Garden would call them on their stuff. Maybe they shouldn’t have announced it this far out because if WWE does decide to try to throw the hammer down, it’s quite possible that we could be looking at Sinclair Broadcasting vs. WWE over the rights to run MSG. Let’s say something happens, right? And WWE prevents Sinclair from running and Sinclair makes a big stink out of this — either way it’s great publicity for Ring of Honor.”

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