Bad News Brown Shoots On Lex Luger


Bad News Brown (Allen Coage) is known as one of the legit bad asses in the squared circle. Allen actually won a bronze metal in judo before he was a pro wrestler. He was also in the 1976 Olympics. And He was also a bodyguard for Aretha Franklin so the man had a tough background long before coming to wrestling. Most of us remember Bad News from his WWF days in the late 80’s as one of the first tweener’s (not really a good guy, but not a bad one either).

Before Brown was in the WWF though he worked Stampede Wrestling for Canada. While working Stampede wrestling he would tour North America. Sometimes he would end up in Florida and that is where our story begins. If you talk to most wrestlers there opinion of Lex Lugar is not too high. They say that he is really arrogant and that he couldn’t “work”. Well in 1987 Lex was just now getting started and he was very green then. So you could imagine a guy that most said couldn’t work anyway and he was just starting out. The thing about Lex is he wasn’t a fan of wrestling so he wasn’t a fan, so it never occurred to him to be respectful  towards the guys that’s been in the sport for a while. He tried to call spots with Brusier Brody before there match, so during the match Brusier quit working and started doing his own thing. A young Lex didn’t know what to do. Bad News Brown happen to be there that night and tells his side of it and what he thinks of Lex Luger.


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