Big Show Shooting On John Cena On Putting People Over


Big Show Paul Wight has been around for almost 20 years now. He has saw the best and the worst wrestlers around come and go. Big Show has even been to the top of the mountain a few times himself as World Champion and WWE Champion. He is considered a ring veteran and one of the best big men that the sport has ever seen. Recently on the Stonecold Steve Austin Podcast he was asked about John Cena putting people over.

The background on that is that it’s been told by numerous wrestler and smart marks that Cena doesn’t want to put anyone over. Many fans point to Wade Barrett as proof of that. Even Edge and Christian in an other podcast with Chris Jericho said that some of Cena’s logic behind winning was senseless at best. It’s no denying that over the years it seems like Cena  has just about beat everyone that has come into the WWE even Big Show himself.

In this interview Big Show gives his thoughts on Cena putting people over and rather he thinks that is true or not. Him and Steve talk about what gives people the impression of John  but before they go into that they give their opinion on the man’s work ethic and ability to carry the company. It might suprise you because he doesn’t agree with what other wrestlers have said about “Superman” John Cena. He goes on to state why or why not wrestlers and fans alike are right or wrong about John Cena. As usual lets us know what you think below.

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