Bob Backlund Shoot On Vince Mcmahon Senior and Junior


Bob Backlund is the crazy coach/manager of Darren Young. For the older fan of the sport Bob was one of the longest running WWF Champions from late 70’s to the early 80’s. Bob was the top draw for Vince Mcmahon senior during this time he took on the likes Big John Studd, Superstar Billy Graham, Superfly Jimmy Sunka, Harley Race,Ric Flair and many more legends in some great and memorable matches.

After his run in the early 80’s though, Bob Backlund faded away. Hulkamania started running wild and there was no room for a all american wholesome boy next door like Backlund. It seemed as though Bob’s career quietly faded off and there was never going to be another Bob Backlund run.

That was until the early 90’s when Bob made his return to the World Wrestling Federation under the same gimmick that he appeared under several years earlier, the squeaky clean all american boy. Now the owner of the Federation Vince Mcmahon Jr. saw a different approach with Bob. He turned him into a loose cannon that wasn’t able to be controlled. This ultimately turned Bob’s career around and he ended up regaining the WWF title, although it was a short title run, he still made it to the top of the moutain again which many people thought he wouldn’t be able to.

In this shoot interview Mr. Backlund talks about working for Vince Sr. and Jr. and gives some insight into why Senior thought he was the best guy to lead the company. He also talks about how both men are different. It gives some insight into someone who has worked for both Vince Sr. and Jr.

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