Bret Hart Shoots On Eric Bischoff


Bret Hart is “The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be” and he is apart of some of the most controversial moments in wrestling. In 1997 Bret Hart after years of being in the World Wrestling Federation and being their champion left for new grounds in the WCW. It was supposed to be WCW’s biggest acquisition and therefore it shoud’ve been the biggest impact on WCW at the time.

Instead of changing the make up of WCW and being a top draw, Bret by most accounts was not used properly and took second fiddle to many other WCW stars even though he was paid more than most and he could’ve made a much bigger impact on the company. Some people even had the theory he was a mole sent by Vince Mcmahon to destroy World Championship Wrestling. That was how poor he was used in WCW. In many interviews Bret has blamed that on one man and that man has been Eric Bischoff.

Bret often has said that Eric didn’t know how the business worked and would often make dumb decision. On the other hand though, Eric said he didn’t hire the same Bret that worked for WWF. He said after the Montreal Screwjob and Owen’s death, Bret wasn’t the same. In this excerpt from an interview, Bret talks about one of the “dumb” booking moves that Eric came up with and how Hogan tried to control  Bischoff. If this is true I can see where Hart is coming from.

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