Bruno Sammartino On Ric Flair: “I Laugh At Flair Being The Greatest Wrestler Ever”


When you mention the name Ric Flair or Bruno Sammartino, the first thing that comes to mind is two of the greatest wrestler’s ever. Both these men in their respected careers carried their company to new heights and sold out arenas where ever they went. Bruno is recognized as the longest reigning WWE champion  (then it was WWWF) and Flair is recognized as a 16 time World Heavyweight Champion. Both these men where the leaders in the company in their day. So there has always been a bit of competitive spirit between the two although it was believed that both respected each other that was until recently.

A gentlemen from RF Video was interviewing Bruno recently when he mentioned that Ric Flair said Bruno wasn’t a draw outside of the North East (where WWWF territory as located). To add to this I believe Ric called Bruno a “boring” wrestler inside his biography too. You could tell Bruno got a little defensive and took back from the comment, he automatically went into defending his recording. By telling about places he sold out outside of the Northeast Territory. He then went on to talk about Ric Flair and his record. He mentioned the fact that Flair and Hogan couldn’t even sell out the Garden(Madison Square Garden). He said what should’ve been a sell out, they couldn’t even do. He then went on to say he wrestled a different match with whoever he was with but Flair wrestled the same match every night of his career. Very interesting words from Bruno, check out part of the interview below.

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