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The Best Shoot Interview Ever-The Iron Sheik

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When old school pro wrestling fans hear the name Iron Sheik, they think Iranian, WWF Champion, athlete, heel etc. To newer fans though he is a legend because of his shoot interviews and his crazy drug fueled stories that almost all wrestlers love to tell on Sheiky Baby.

Born Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri but known as The Iron Sheik in his wrestling career, was known to be tough and a pure athlete much like Kurt Angle is known today. Sheik  was a heel most of his active wrestling career, but has his stories and legend grew all fans have grown to love the Iranian. The interview below is what put Iron Sheik back on the map after his active wrestling career was over.

In the interview, Sheik is asked about Wrestlemania 3. The Sheik goes on a wild rant about Brain B. Blair (one of the wrestlers whom him and his tag team partner wrestled against at WM3 in a tag team match). He goes on to talk about how Blair is “Gay like Michael Jackson”. He uses terms like “fag” “jew” and a few more choice words. If you have ever heard the saying “Break His Back, Fuck Him In The Ass, and Make Him Humble” you owe it to The Iron Sheik (I don’t know why you would  owe him something for hearing this though). That is what he said he would do to Brain Blair, the part I didn’t get though was why is he saying he would that to Mr. Blair than in the next sentence he calls him gay. Does it make it straight sex if you break their back and you are having sex with them to make them humble? Listen and let us know what you think about this entertaining interview.

Konnan Gives His View On The Final Deletion Match Between Matt and Jeff Hardy

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Jeff and Matt Hardy are collectively known as one of the greatest tag teams ever as the Hardy Boyz. Around 2007 the Hardy Boyz started wrestling in single competition with Jeff becoming the more popular of the two. He actually went on to win the WWE Championship while Matt won the ECW and US title’s.  Before the brothers left the WWE the two had a match at Wrestlemania in 2009 that doesn’t stand out to too many but it was good. Now both men wrestle for TNA, Total Nonstop Action. Recently on TNA’s program Impact, Matt and Jeff Hardy had a different kind of match. It was called “The Final Deletion Match”. It was for the deletion of the Hardy name from one of the brothers.  It goes back to the Hardy Boy’s roots in the backyard. It was basically a backyard brawl between the two brothers on TV with music and theatrics. The match was eventually won by Matt Hardy. Matt lit the Jeff Hardy Symbol on fire and Jeff fell from the top of it to be pinned (No your not high right now, that is what happened). If your interested in watching click here.

The match has been hailed from some and booed by others. Some considered art and some don’t know what to consider it but stupid. Whatever the case is, it brought in TNA’s highest ratings in quit some time. In the interview below WCW legend Konnan shoots on the match and gives his opinion on what they did right and what they did wrong.

Vince Russo Shoots On Why Him and Jim Cornette Feud

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So last time we heard Jim Cornette’s side of his feud with Vince Russo (You can here the interview by clicking here). In this article we take a look at the feud between Russo and Cornette from Russo’s point of view Vince Russo has not said as much about Jim Cornette as Jim as said about him. Vince’s side is a lot more condensed than Cornette’s side. So you will not here a forty minute rant like you did from Jim Cornette.

In this interview with Kenny Bolin from “The Boilin Alley”, Kenny ask Vince “Where did things go south between him and Jim Cornette”. Vince goes on to explain his side of what happened in World Wrestling Federation with Vince Mcmahon. He said that Jim was very stubborn and was not willing to budge and that is the reason Vince had to let Cornette go.

Vince also talked about working Jim in TNA. He said the reason why Jeff Jarrett brought both of them in was because he wanted both of there minds and that he could make a great product that way. He said that he was willing to get along with Jim Cornette for Jeff’s sake. He said they was getting along until Jeff Jarrett was sent home by Dixie Carter. He said once that happened there was no buffer between him and Cornette and once again Dixie choose Vince’s side over Jim and Jim was let go.

I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle but it is still interesting to here the two sides talk. I can’t wait to post when the two are on a podcast together.


Dusty Rhodes On Ric Flair

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Two names that are legendary in the sport of wrestling are Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. In their prime both was elite of the National Wrestling Alliance. Dusty was “The American Dream”, the common man, he stood for all the blue collar workers out there and he would often call himself “Son of A Plumber” to show how much he could relate to everyone out there with ordinary jobs and lives. He was the ultimate face (good guy). Ric Flair was the cocky and arrogant World Heavyweight Champion. He stood for wealth and excess. He had more money than you and he had way more fun than you. All the men were jealous of him and all the girls wanted to be with him. He was the ultimate heel (bad guy) in his day. When these two locked up, it was instant magic and it was instant money for the two. They headlined hundreds of shows and sold out numerous arenas.

Before they was headlining arenas though they was good friends. In fact a young Flair admits in his biography that he wanted to be “Ramblin Ricky Rhodes” Dusty’s little brother. Lucky for us, Dusty told him “we already got a Dusty Rhodes, why don’t you be Ric Flair” and the rest is history. When the 80’s began though both where in line to carry the most prestigious title in wrestling, the NWA World Title.  Both beat Harley Race at different times for that title so there was natural competitive spirit between the two to begin with. So when there feud began in the mid 80’s it felt so natural and real .

In this excerpt from an interview with Dusty he gives his honest opinion of Ric Flair and it might surprise you.