Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship: Ideas for 205 Live’s Potential Pairings


    Recently, rumors have been going around that WWE would be adding tag team titles to 205 Live at some point after WrestleMania.

    That might have been just hearsay and nonsense, but since that happened, there’s been a possible belt design that is currently unconfirmed as well as an effort from WWE’s part to pay a little more attention to forming tag teams for this division.

    A Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship is something I don’t personally think is necessary, and I can imagine that it would get lost in the shuffle very, very quickly, if not just linger around and have almost no variety to really sustain itself.

    However, I think it’s worth examining the possible options for which teams might exist in this division, just in case all the news is legitimate and these titles are coming our way.

    Some of this is flat out obvious and some of it is pure speculation, but therein lies the fun to try to imagine how WWE might pair people up and why, so let’s take a look at some possible teams that could be forming or becoming an even stronger unit than what they already are.

    The Lucha House Party

    Ever since Kalisto left the title picture, he’s been hanging around with Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik. This has gone on long enough that they are as legitimate of a stable as they can get without having some kind of official group name.

    If this were a regular tag team on the Raw and SmackDown roster, I would be more inclined to like the idea of a full-on stable of masked wrestlers, but since 205 Live has a smaller pool of talent to draw from, I’m actually hoping there is a split of sorts.

    I’d love for Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik to turn heel and become the villainous luchadores, while Sin Cara can come back into the fold for 205 Live to reform The Lucha Dragons with Kalisto, as it’s not like Sin Cara is going to be doing anything of note in singles competition on SmackDown any time soon.

    That is just a wish, though, as for now, the three luchadores are being treated as a tight trio of friends, and no dissension has been teased whatsoever.

    Akira Tozawa and Hideo Itami

    This is the other team that has been formed recently, and I think it doesn’t really come off the most politically correct, as it really feels like they just paired up the two Japanese guys for the sake that they’re Japanese.

    Granted, if you were to ask me who would be better partners for either of them, I don’t think there are people to fill those slots right now, so I’ll give credit where it is due that this might still be the best option for both men.

    I’m hoping Tozawa shows off more of his humor and makes himself “the funny one” to offset Itami’s overall drab personality that seems to revolve around him scowling and telling people to respect him.

    We saw a bit of that on this week’s episode, and I’d like to see more of it going forward.

    If they can find a balance between those two ideas, this could be fun, but if not, I don’t think this will be a team at the forefront of the title scene.

    The United Kingdom Crew

    Here’s where WWE can play around with some different pairings, as there is enough history behind five different people that can potentially get involved in each other’s dealings.

    Tyler Bate has competed for 205 Live with this current tournament, but his other half of Moustache Mountain has not. I’d assume the main reason Trent Seven hasn’t been seen is because he’s currently billed at 216 lbs, but Buddy Murphy has proven that cutting weight to get in the cruiserweight division is not something unreachable.

    Those two could definitely be put together if Seven is able to drop those 11 pounds, but even if he isn’t, there are still others who Bate could have as a partner, including Mark Andrews, who should be a mainstay of the brand at this point.

    That seems more likely to me than the next suggestion, but it’s not too crazy to think about, which is Tyler Bate putting aside his differences with Pete Dunne and forming a tag team with him. This could be primarily based on mutual respect after having their series of awesome matches together, particularly as Dunne has been playing up more of a tweener/babyface role than a pure heel.

    Then again, Dunne is currently teaming with Roderick Strong in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and elsewhere in NXT, and as Strong is in the mix for 205 Live, we could get some kind of a combo like Dunne/Strong and Bate/Seven or Bate/Andrews to get two teams out of the United Kingdom division (even though one of those guys is an American).

    The Brian Kendrick and Gentleman Jack Gallagher or TJP

    It might be a while before The Brian Kendrick is back in the ring, but when he does return, he can either pick up where he left off in his alliance with Gentleman Jack Gallagher, or he can go even further back in time to his former partnership with TJP.

    I never quite understood the Kendrick/Gallagher cohesion, so I’m hoping that duo is no longer a thing, but I’m not so certain I’d like TJP to be saddled up with a partner, either.

    Part of me would really rather see all three of these guys on their own until something else happens with a character change or a new member of the roster coming along.

    The Singh Brothers

    This is one that I feel is a guarantee, once Samir is fully healed and cleared to return to in-ring competition.

    He and his brother Sunil were part of the Cruiserweight Classic and wrestled as The Bollywood Boyz in NXT as well as the early days of 205 Live before becoming stooges for Jinder Mahal.

    I see absolutely no reason whatsoever why they shouldn’t reform a team and try to take charge of this championship if the titles are legitimately created in the coming weeks/months.

    The Undisputed Era: Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly

    Of course, this can’t happen right now with Bobby Fish injured and this stable holding the NXT Tag Team Championship, but Fish’s injury could put an end to that if WWE isn’t going to just pivot and have Adam Cole fill in the spot going forward.

    Cole himself is billed at 210 lbs, which is naturally something that can be adjusted to 205 with minimal effort or just lying about it, but I’d go so far as to say he’s better off staying out of the tag team division even if he were to go into the cruiserweight brand, whereas Fish and Kyle O’Reilly could excel as a continued tag team.

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