Former WWE Star Joins Performance Center As Coach


    WWE has announced that former talent Serena Debb has joined the WWE Performance Center as a coach. Here are the highlights from the interview.

    Her role will be at the WWE Performance Center:
    “I will be a coach for the female talent, and obviously, alongside Sara Amato for the first little bit and helping to groom the next generation.”
    Her process as a teacher:
    “Well, a lot of people in my family, including my mom, were schoolteachers. And I also have a history with teaching yoga, which I did for several years. I have experience in several different areas, but I’ve never primarily been a wrestling trainer before, so it will be interesting to see the crossover. But I think if you have compassion and try to meet people where they are and be really hands-on, it’s very important for people to be able to relate to each other.”
    Her goals as a teacher:
    “To really step up into this leadership role, which is a new thing for me. I’m just looking forward to the set of challenges and rewards that are coming with this responsibility and getting to improve myself personally and professionally. I’m focused on how I can be a better person and a better coach. [I want] to give my best self to them so I can be a reflection of them and receive their best selves back. I think it’s so important for the individual, regardless of the role you’re in, to always be mindful of where you’re at and always take your self-inventory so you can garner the best side of them as well.”

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