Goldberg Shooting On The Politics In Wrestling and WCW


Bill Goldberg rather you love him or not has made a huge impact on the world of professional wrestling. Goldberg has he is called in the ring is one of the only stars that WCW built during the Hulk Hogan/NWO era. He is also a former WCW World Champion and when he made it to WWF he became their world champion as well. Goldberg being a former football has been known to wrestling smarks has someone who is dangerous in the ring and has hurt many wrestlers. One of the most notable names who has been injured in the ring with Goldberg is Bret Hart who suffered a career ending injury at the hands of Goldberg. Another problem that fans have had with him is that he wasn’t truly a fan of the sport.

One thing that many people behind the scenes say is that Goldberg became increasingly hard to work with the more popular he got. One person that has said on numerous occasions that Bill was hard to work with was WCW Vice President Eric Bischoff. Bischoff said it became so hard to deal with him that he hated seeing him coming.

In this shoot on the Stonecold Podcast Bill Goldberg gives his views of what happened behind the scenes. He paints a different picture according to his view of things of what really happened in WCW politics. If what he says is true then its understable the reason why Bill was the way he was and its easy to see why some might find him hard to deal with and he does come clean about being hard to work with in the winding down days of WCW.

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