ICW ‘Frankie Goes To Holyrood’ Results


    The following results are from a recent Insane Championship Wrestling live event that took place on March 11th, 2018 at the Edinburgh University Students Association in Edinburgh, Scotland.
    Singles Match
    DCT defeated James Drake.
    Falls Count Anywhere Match
    Chris Renfrew vs. Joe Hendry continues on from their match on February 12th, with Insane Championship Wrestling to look into the matter as Leyton Buzzard and referee Kieran Kelly fought inside the ring, with Kelly pinning Buzzard. Renfrew and Hendry left as all this was ongoing.
    Singles Match
    Mark Coffey defeated Stevie Boy.
    ICW Tag Team Titles Match
    Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith (w/The Wee Man) (c) defeated The Age Of Orion (Michael Chase & Theo Doros). Post-match, The Kinky Party (Jack Jester) came out and challenged Brown and Smith to a match on April 15th in Newcastle, England, which Rampage and Smith accepted, before attacking The Kinky Party.
    Singles Match
    Viper defeated Aivil. Post-match, Kasey came out and announced that she wants her rematch for the ICW Women’s Title at BarraMania 4. Viper stopped her in her tracks and said that Kasey will not be challenging for the ICW Women’s Title, as she will be challenging for the ICW Women’s World Title, declaring that she would be making the Women’s Title a World Title now.
    Death Match Invitational
    Mikey Whiplash defeated Aspen Faith.
    Intergender Singles Match
    Kay Lee Ray defeated Kenny Williams.
    Singles Match
    Lionheart defeated Kid Fite.
    ICW World Heavyweight Title Match
    BT Gunn (c) defeated Lewis Girvan.

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