Jesse Ventura Shoots On Hulk Hogan


One of the best commentator’s from the 80’s was Jesse Ventura. Ventura played the “heel” role in WWF while commenting much like JBL does now.  Before he was a commentator Jesse  was a Wrestler until an injury forced him out of the ring in the early 80’s. Although he didn’t wrestle no more Jesse is still remembered has one of the most colorful and entertaining talents the industry has ever seen. After he was done with commentating (his late stint was in WCW), he went on to become the Governor of Minnesota. So to say the former governor/pro wrestler is well respected is an understatement.

While Jesse was busy commentating as a heel, he had one of the greatest faces (good guy) the industry has ever seen in Hulk Hogan.  The Hulkster lead the WWF and Vince Mcmahon to heights neither have ever seen. While Hogan was making the crowd go wild, Jesse was telling them what a fraud the Hulk was and how they shouldn’t trust the Hulkster.

Although Jesse was saying all this on national tv, him and Hogan was actually really close and good friends behind the scenes that was until Ventura had a court case where Vince Mcmahon was under oath.  They asked Vince if wrestling has ever had an union or has anyone ever tried to start a union. He said no there is no union but Jesse Ventura tried to start one. They asked him how did he know and his answer was because Hulk Hogan told him. So the Hulkster outed Jesse to Vince. So listen below and find out why Jesse ain’t a big friend of Hogan’s anymore.


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