Jim Cornette On Fake Diesel and Fake Razor


Jim Cornette has never been one to be shy about what he feels about wrestling storylines and characters. Jim is old school when it comes to wrestling and he is not very big on today’s product. Cornette has an opinon on just about everything that is has come and gone in the world of wrestling.

Which brings us to the mid 90’s. At that time Jim was a booker for the World Wrestling Federeation which is now known as the WWE . Jim was basically in charge of setting up matches and making wrestlers look good in their matches.

At that time though, two of WWF’s biggest stars left the company (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash), known as Razor Ramon and “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel. The powers that be in the WWF (mainly Vince Mcmahon) thought that even though the guys who played Diesel and Razor was gone they still owned the rights to the characters. So Vince decided to bring the characters back.

Jim started hearing rumors that Hall and Nash was returning and was caught off guard. So he caught up with Tom Pritchard he believes at the time who told him they are just bringing back the characters and Jim was in charge of teaching them how to be Razor and Diesel.

So Diesel was played by Glen Jacobs who you might better known as Kane and Diesel was played by Rick Bognar. In this interview Jim talks about training them which according to Jim wasn’t to hard. Let us know what you think below.

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