Jim Cornette Tells His Side Of The Feud Between Him and Vince Russo (The Rant)


It’s no secret that Jim Cornette does not like Vince Russo and Russo has no love loss for Cornette either. The two men have both went back and forth in interviews over the years over the reason they don’t like each other. There feud began in WWF in the mid nineties both men had Vince Mcmahon’s ear, Cornette was a booker and Russo was the head writer. Cornette wanted to go with a more traditional style of wrestling and Russo wanted to do more shock and sex to appeal to the Male 18-35 demographic. Well we all know who Mcmahon sided with on that hence
The Attitude Era. Cornette was out of a job and Russo was the head writer .

With Russo as the head writer in WWE Vince saw record numbers or ratings, sell outs, and more. After a few years at the head of the writing team, Russo took a job with WCW, he told WCW he was the reason that WWF saw there huge success. After a short time in WCW though it was quickly apparent that Russo’s way of doing things was a bit whacky and the ratings showed that. He did not have anyone like Vince Mcmahon to direct and guide him.

Jim Cornette said that Vince Russo doesn’t know wrestling and destroyed the art of wrestling. Russo said that Cornette is out of touch and does not know what today’s modern fan wants. They shoot at each other back and forth a lot. In this interview Jim gives his side from beginning to end the problem he has with Vince Russo. Next article we will try to get Vince Russo’s side on Jim Cornette.

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