Jim Ross In A Shoot Interview Tells Why He Was Fired From WWE


Jim Ross is arguably the greatest commentator the squared circle has ever seen. His career has lasted over 3 decades and he has announced some of the most important matches in wrestling history. Jim was also head of talent relations in WWF/E and was responsible for bringing in some of the greatest names during the most important time in sports entertainment (The Monday Night Wars Era). A few names you might know, Mick Foley, Steve Austin, and The Rock to name a few. So to say this man has been important to the sport we love best is an understatement.

Jim even though he is one of the most important man to wrestling was still immune to a WWE firing. On August 16, 2013 he was the host for WWE 2k13. During the event it appeared that Jim was drunk. Ross was using foul language, letting stories that shouldn’t been told to continue (Ric Flair talking about his ex wives, he also appeared intoxicated). At one point Jim even said this event is sponsored by Grey Goose. Sometime after the event though Jim said he wasn’t intoxicated and it was his Bell Palsy that was bothering him. Even though that was his official story it was not enough to save him from being fired from WWE. A few weeks later as his contract was getting ready to be up, he announced his “retirement” from the World Wrestling Entertainment and he has not been back since. Although later on Vince said it was ultimately up to Jim even though he didn’t like what he said. Check out the interview below with Sam Roberts and listen to Jim Ross talk about being fired from the WWE.

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