Jim Ross Shoots On The Brand Split In WWE


Jim Ross is one insider who knows how the WWE works. He was with the company off and on for close to 20 years. So when he gives his opinion most people listen. Recently the World Wrestling Entertainment started a new brand extension or split if you want to call it. You have the Raw brand which is lead by Stephanie Mcmahon and Mick Foley. And you have the Smackdown Brand lead by Daniel Bryan and Shane Mcmahon. Both shows will be live every Monday and Tuesday night.

There is lot of people who have mixed reviews of the brand split, especially the internet wrestling community who think that it probably won’t work. Also a lot of fans concern is over the Championship and that having two Champions waters down the meaning of the title (Ric Flair had that view as well).  In this excerpt from the Ross Report Jim gives his side of it. He lets everyone know that he was involved with the first brand split and what he thinks is the difference between now and then.

Good Ol’ Jr is very insightful with his view. He likes the idea and thinks that Smackdown will be much better for reasons outlined in the interview. He really believes that this is an opportunity for all the talent to really take advantage of the spotlight. He thinks that this is the way to find the next big star. He also lays out what he thinks the rules should be to make the brand split work.

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