Kevin Nash Shoots On The Rock: “I Had A Ton Of Respect Until…..”


Kevin Nash is one of the great big men in the sport of wrestling. He got his big break in WWF when he debuted as Diesel, Shawn Michael’s bodyguard. He went on to win the WWF IC belt than the WWF Championship within a year after his debut. His WWF career was cut short though when he jumped ship for WCW. His jump was one of the reason’s WCW was able to compete with WWF and the reason that WWF almost went out of business.

The only reason WWF didn’t go out of business was due to their young and upcoming stars. One guy was Stonecold Steve Austin, he carried the torch of the WWF and was the star of the show. For a long time he carried the WWF on his back, that was until another young talent was ready to take the helm. That wrestler’s name that stated stealing the spotlight was The Rock or as he likes to be called now Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. When Steve Austin was out on a injury, the Rock became just as big of a success as Steve Austin. These two are the biggest reason’s why WWF won the Monday Night Wars and ultimately the reason why Vince Mcmahon was able to buy WCW.

Fast forward to 2002/3 Vince Mcmahon brings in the original NWO of Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan. For the first time WCW’s biggest draws are meeting WWF biggest draws. It was dream match heaven. On occasion Kevin Nash and The Rock would meet in the ring and in this interview Big Kev (sounds like Sean Waltman  in background) shoots on meeting “The Great One” in the ring.

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