Kevin Owens On Jim Cornette “He Is Out Of Touch”


Kevin Owens is one of the biggest stars in the World Wrestling Entertainment today. Before he was in WWE he was in the Ring of Honor where he was known as Kevin Steen and he was  the World Champ and top star of the promotion. Jim Cornette one of the greatest managers ever was a booker in Ring of Honor and a major player in their creative direction. Jim and Kevin would often work on camera together and Kevin said Jim was great on cam and always liked working with him.

Although in a interview Kevin did with someone he said that Jim was out of touch and didn’t need to be working in creative anymore. That is where this feud begin. Apparently Jim took it to heart and started bashing Kevin calling him a dumbass and involving Kevin’s child in the conversation. Kevin said that Jim took it to a new level by getting personal. Kevin said that ROH used to be edgy and cool and Jim turned into a just another wrestling program that was cheesy.  On numerous  times Cornette has bashed Kevin in interviews and to this day hasn’t stopped.

So this is where this interview begins with Kevin. The interviewer ask Kevin about Jim and Kevin lays out his side of the story and why he said the things he did. He lays out his true thoughts of Jim Cornette. He also talks about the night that Jim quit the ROH. It’s a good shoot, check it out!

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