Konnan Gives His View On The Final Deletion Match Between Matt and Jeff Hardy



Jeff and Matt Hardy are collectively known as one of the greatest tag teams ever as the Hardy Boyz. Around 2007 the Hardy Boyz started wrestling in single competition with Jeff becoming the more popular of the two. He actually went on to win the WWE Championship while Matt won the ECW and US title’s.  Before the brothers left the WWE the two had a match at Wrestlemania in 2009 that doesn’t stand out to too many but it was good. Now both men wrestle for TNA, Total Nonstop Action. Recently on TNA’s program Impact, Matt and Jeff Hardy had a different kind of match. It was called “The Final Deletion Match”. It was for the deletion of the Hardy name from one of the brothers.  It goes back to the Hardy Boy’s roots in the backyard. It was basically a backyard brawl between the two brothers on TV with music and theatrics. The match was eventually won by Matt Hardy. Matt lit the Jeff Hardy Symbol on fire and Jeff fell from the top of it to be pinned (No your not high right now, that is what happened). If your interested in watching click here.

The match has been hailed from some and booed by others. Some considered art and some don’t know what to consider it but stupid. Whatever the case is, it brought in TNA’s highest ratings in quit some time. In the interview below WCW legend Konnan shoots on the match and gives his opinion on what they did right and what they did wrong.

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