Mean Gene Okerlund Shoots On Leaving WWF For WCW


One name that comes to mind when you mention interviewer’s and announcers in WCW/WWF is Mean Gene Okerlund. Gene has been around for some of the most history making spots in pro wrestling. Gene was there the day Hulk Hogan won the WWF world heavyweight title. Gene was also there with a mic the day Hulk Hogan turned his back on the fans and joined the NWO. It’s not to often an interviewer is just as much part of the interview as the interviewee but Gene is that Man.

After his career in the AWA in the early 80’s Gene went on to join the World Wrestling Federation. Gene spent the next ten years in the federation interviewing and announcing some of the biggest names in pro wrestling history. In the early nineties though Gene just quit appearing on WWF television and one day just popped up on WWF’s competition television, WCW.  It’s not been really mentioned what happened between Vince Mcmahon, WWF, and Mean Gene. No one knew if Gene was fired,quit, or his contract just wasn’t renewed.

In this shoot Gene discusses everything that happened between him and Vince during that time. He discusses if he has a good relationship with Mcmahon. He also discusses how he left WWF. What it was like working in WCW. He also talks about what it was like working for Eric Bischoff and much more. It really is an insightful view of what it was like during the early ninties for Mean Gene and his transition from WWF to WCW.

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