Mike Graham Shoots On The Radicals: Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, And Eddie Guerrero


Mike Graham is the son great southern promoter Eddie Graham. Mike was also a professional wrestler in the 70’s where he was a tag partner with Kevin Sullivan up through the early 90’s. After his pro wrestling days was over he was a road agent for the WCW. His tag team partner in the 70’s had much more  success in the square circle than he did, Kevin Sullivan. Kevin and his wife’s  persona as a Devil Worshipers got him them over wherever they went. Fast forward to around 1996, Mike’s an agent in the WCW and Kevin’s in a feud with Chris Benoit an up and coming star in the WCW.

Well Chris started seeing Kevin’s wife Nancy in real life. She actually ended up leaving Kevin for Chris. Fast forward a little later and Kevin is the head Booker of WCW and his friend Mike is the road agent. Kevin is in a position of power over Chris and his friends Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrero. Even though Kevin was in that position he still enabled Chris to win the WCW Heavyweight Title.

Although Kevin at the head of booking still put the title on Chris Benoit, Benoit didn’t trust him. So him , Saturn, Malenko, and Guerrero went to the head of WCW Bill Bush and said “either us or Sullivan and Graham”. Well they had no reason to fire Sullivan and Graham and Benoit and company left and went to WWF where the rest is history. In this shoot Mike Graham gives his side to what happened and what he thought of Benoit and the boys, interesting.

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