Nick Dinsmore (Eugene) Gives His Thoughts On Ric Flair, Triple H, and Vince Mcmahon


We all remember the controvesial character Eugene from WWE in 2004. He was portrayed as Eric Bischoff’s “slow” nephew. Although he was slow, the wrestler had tremendous talent and was involved in a lot of storylines with a lot of big stars. Some of the names that Dinsmore has worked with are the Rock,Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff, and Triple H to name a few.  At one time Dinsmore was one of the best wrestlers that WWE had. Eugene also won the world tag team titles with Steven Regal in his only title run in WWE. Three years into his WWE contract though he was released because he failed his second drug test.

Nick went on to the independent circuit before returning in 2009 to the WWE. He came back to the World Wrestling Entertainment as a trainer and a wrestler. He was unfortunately let go again by the WWE for unknown reasons before he made his return again in 2013-2014 . He nows does his own independent wrestling shows, Midwest All Pro Wrestling. Nick has been all over and has seen many names and places go in the world of the squared circle.

In this interview Nick was asked about his relationship with Triple H on if he thinks he is that good and what’s the real opinion of him backstage. He was also asked about Ric Flair wrestling so old and if he “still has it”. The last thing he was asked about was what it was like to work with Vince Mcmahon. Nick has some interesting answers to this question which might surprise you. So set back and listen and let us know what you think below.

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