Kevin Owens On Jim Cornette “He Is Out Of Touch”

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Kevin Owens is one of the biggest stars in the World Wrestling Entertainment today. Before he was in WWE he was in the Ring of Honor where he was known as Kevin Steen and he was  the World Champ and top star of the promotion. Jim Cornette one of the greatest managers ever was a booker in Ring of Honor and a major player in their creative direction. Jim and Kevin would often work on camera together and Kevin said Jim was great on cam and always liked working with him.

Although in a interview Kevin did with someone he said that Jim was out of touch and didn’t need to be working in creative anymore. That is where this feud begin. Apparently Jim took it to heart and started bashing Kevin calling him a dumbass and involving Kevin’s child in the conversation. Kevin said that Jim took it to a new level by getting personal. Kevin said that ROH used to be edgy and cool and Jim turned into a just another wrestling program that was cheesy.  On numerous  times Cornette has bashed Kevin in interviews and to this day hasn’t stopped.

So this is where this interview begins with Kevin. The interviewer ask Kevin about Jim and Kevin lays out his side of the story and why he said the things he did. He lays out his true thoughts of Jim Cornette. He also talks about the night that Jim quit the ROH. It’s a good shoot, check it out!

Bruno Sammartino On Rick Flair: “I Laugh At Flair Being The Greatest Wrestler Ever”

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When you mention the name Ric Flair or Bruno Sammartino, the first thing that comes to mind is two of the greatest wrestler’s ever. Both these men in their respected careers carried their company to new heights and sold out arenas where ever they went. Bruno is recognized as the longest reigning WWE champion  (then it was WWWF) and Flair is recognized as a 16 time World Heavyweight Champion. Both these men where the leaders in the company in their day. So there has always been a bit of competitive spirit between the two although it was believed that both respected each other that was until recently.

A gentlemen from RF Video was interviewing Bruno recently when he mentioned that Ric Flair said Bruno wasn’t a draw outside of the North East (where WWWF territory as located). To add to this I believe Ric called Bruno a “boring” wrestler inside his biography too. You could tell Bruno got a little defensive and took back from the comment, he automatically went into defending his recording. By telling about places he sold out outside of the Northeast Territory. He then went on to talk about Ric Flair and his record. He mentioned the fact that Flair and Hogan couldn’t even sell out the Garden(Madison Square Garden). He said what should’ve been a sell out, they couldn’t even do. He then went on to say he wrestled a different match with whoever he was with but Flair wrestled the same match every night of his career. Very interesting words from Bruno, check out part of the interview below.

Bad News Brown Shoots On Lex Luger

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Bad News Brown (Allen Coage) is known as one of the legit bad asses in the squared circle. Allen actually won a bronze metal in judo before he was a pro wrestler. He was also in the 1976 Olympics. And He was also a bodyguard for Aretha Franklin so the man had a tough background long before coming to wrestling. Most of us remember Bad News from his WWF days in the late 80’s as one of the first tweener’s (not really a good guy, but not a bad one either).

Before Brown was in the WWF though he worked Stampede Wrestling for Canada. While working Stampede wrestling he would tour North America. Sometimes he would end up in Florida and that is where our story begins. If you talk to most wrestlers there opinion of Lex Lugar is not too high. They say that he is really arrogant and that he couldn’t “work”. Well in 1987 Lex was just now getting started and he was very green then. So you could imagine a guy that most said couldn’t work anyway and he was just starting out. The thing about Lex is he wasn’t a fan of wrestling so he wasn’t a fan, so it never occurred to him to be respectful  towards the guys that’s been in the sport for a while. He tried to call spots with Brusier Brody before there match, so during the match Brusier quit working and started doing his own thing. A young Lex didn’t know what to do. Bad News Brown happen to be there that night and tells his side of it and what he thinks of Lex Luger.


Jim Ross In A Shoot Interview Tells Why He Was Fired From WWE

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Jim Ross is arguably the greatest commentator the squared circle has ever seen. His career has lasted over 3 decades and he has announced some of the most important matches in wrestling history. Jim was also head of talent relations in WWF/E and was responsible for bringing in some of the greatest names during the most important time in sports entertainment (The Monday Night Wars Era). A few names you might know, Mick Foley, Steve Austin, and The Rock to name a few. So to say this man has been important to the sport we love best is an understatement.

Jim even though he is one of the most important man to wrestling was still immune to a WWE firing. On August 16, 2013 he was the host for WWE 2k13. During the event it appeared that Jim was drunk. Ross was using foul language, letting stories that shouldn’t been told to continue (Ric Flair talking about his ex wives, he also appeared intoxicated). At one point Jim even said this event is sponsored by Grey Goose. Sometime after the event though Jim said he wasn’t intoxicated and it was his Bell Palsy that was bothering him. Even though that was his official story it was not enough to save him from being fired from WWE. A few weeks later as his contract was getting ready to be up, he announced his “retirement” from the World Wrestling Entertainment and he has not been back since. Although later on Vince said it was ultimately up to Jim even though he didn’t like what he said. Check out the interview below with Sam Roberts and listen to Jim Ross talk about being fired from the WWE.

Nick Dinsmore (Eugene) Gives His Thoughts On Ric Flair, Triple H, and Vince Mcmahon

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We all remember the controvesial character Eugene from WWE in 2004. He was portrayed as Eric Bischoff’s “slow” nephew. Although he was slow, the wrestler had tremendous talent and was involved in a lot of storylines with a lot of big stars. Some of the names that Dinsmore has worked with are the Rock,Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff, and Triple H to name a few.  At one time Dinsmore was one of the best wrestlers that WWE had. Eugene also won the world tag team titles with Steven Regal in his only title run in WWE. Three years into his WWE contract though he was released because he failed his second drug test.

Nick went on to the independent circuit before returning in 2009 to the WWE. He came back to the World Wrestling Entertainment as a trainer and a wrestler. He was unfortunately let go again by the WWE for unknown reasons before he made his return again in 2013-2014 . He nows does his own independent wrestling shows, Midwest All Pro Wrestling. Nick has been all over and has seen many names and places go in the world of the squared circle.

In this interview Nick was asked about his relationship with Triple H on if he thinks he is that good and what’s the real opinion of him backstage. He was also asked about Ric Flair wrestling so old and if he “still has it”. The last thing he was asked about was what it was like to work with Vince Mcmahon. Nick has some interesting answers to this question which might surprise you. So set back and listen and let us know what you think below.

Steve Austin and Ric Flair Shoot On: Who Is The Toughest Guy In Wrestling?

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Two of the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot for in the ring, Stonecold Steve Austin and The Natureboy Ric Flair recently sit down on The Naitch’s podcast. The two talked about everything under the sun involving pro wrestling.

Now there has been plenty of tough men to come through the squared circle. Brock Lesnar, Ron Simmons, Haku (Ming if you liked WCW) are legit hard asses to name a few. Other wrestlers wouldn’t fool with these guys because they knew if they did they would have their ass handed to them in a silver platter.

Everyone says wrestling is fake but some of the guys in the business could make that statment false if they wanted too. A lot of new guys back in the day would come in and have try outs because they thought they had what it took to be a wrestler (couldn’t be hard right, it’s fake). Well the older wrestlers would test them out to see what they are made of. And lets just say that there is a lot of wannabes that went home with their shoulders down. Although there has been a few guys that showed these old timers they are nothing to be messed with and they was tougher than nails.

Below listen to some of Steve Austin’s and Ric Flair’s stories about legit tough men who they thought was the toughest guy’s in wrestling. A Few names on there list might surprise you. If you get a chance and you don’t know a name go back on youtube and see some of them in action and you’ll know why they are considered a tough guy in wrestling.

Jesse Ventura Shoots On Hulk Hogan

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One of the best commentator’s from the 80’s was Jesse Ventura. Ventura played the “heel” role in WWF while commenting much like JBL does now.  Before he was a commentator Jesse  was a Wrestler until an injury forced him out of the ring in the early 80’s. Although he didn’t wrestle no more Jesse is still remembered has one of the most colorful and entertaining talents the industry has ever seen. After he was done with commentating (his late stint was in WCW), he went on to become the Governor of Minnesota. So to say the former governor/pro wrestler is well respected is an understatement.

While Jesse was busy commentating as a heel, he had one of the greatest faces (good guy) the industry has ever seen in Hulk Hogan.  The Hulkster lead the WWF and Vince Mcmahon to heights neither have ever seen. While Hogan was making the crowd go wild, Jesse was telling them what a fraud the Hulk was and how they shouldn’t trust the Hulkster.

Although Jesse was saying all this on national tv, him and Hogan was actually really close and good friends behind the scenes that was until Ventura had a court case where Vince Mcmahon was under oath.  They asked Vince if wrestling has ever had an union or has anyone ever tried to start a union. He said no there is no union but Jesse Ventura tried to start one. They asked him how did he know and his answer was because Hulk Hogan told him. So the Hulkster outed Jesse to Vince. So listen below and find out why Jesse ain’t a big friend of Hogan’s anymore.


Eric Bischoff Shoots On Why He Hated Lex Luger

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Eric Bischoff is someone who knows controversy. His rise to the top of WCW and his ablity to be one of the only other promoters to actually compete and almost beat Vince Mcmhaon at this own game makes him one of the most respected men in this industry.

One of the ways he was able to beat Vince was by dipping into his talent pool. One of the guys he got when he first took over WCW besides Scott Hall and Kevin Nash was Lex Luger. In WWF Lex was known as the “All American” Lex Luger and was one of Vince’s top stars. But in mid 1995 Luger’s WWF contract was up for negotiation and he had a handshake agreement that he was going to stay with WWF. Meanwhile In WCW they was getting ready for their first WCW Monday Night Nitro and they wanted some surprises on the first show. Well guess what newly returned star showed up on Nitro?

So Lex Luger returned to WCW under Eric Bischoff but was all well? Even though Lex was huge star in pro wrestling a lot of wrestlers in the back and some of the promoters did not like “The Total Package”. According to Eric Bsichoff in the shoot below he did not really like Lex Luger either. He said Lex was perceived as “arrogant” and that his wife was friend’s with Elizabeth (Elizabeth (Randy Savage’s Ex Wife) passed away while she was with Lex Luger of an Overdose). So listen below to Eric Bischoff tell what he really thinks about “The Total Package” Lex Luger.

Jim Cornette Tells Story of Threatening To Shoot Brock Lesnar With A Gun

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Jim Cornette is known as a loud mouth and one of the greatest managers of the 80’s. What you don’t know about Jim is that he has helped build a lot of the wrestling stars that we all know and love today. Behind the scenes in the WWE, James E. Cornette was in control of OVW in the mid to 1990’s. That was where WWF would build and work on there stars for tomorrow. Much like NXT is today.

Many starts came out of OVW, Randy Orton, Batista, John Cena and one Brock Lesnar to name a few. Well early on in his WWE career in OVW Brock Lesnar was teamed with another great hand Shelton Benjiman. The reason they was teamed together according Jim was because Shelton was such a great worker and Brock could come in for the save when Shelton was wore down and they could have something entertaining to work with.

Brock and Shelton was teamed as faces and one of the teams that they would go up against was the Disciples  of Synn . Well this is where the situation with Brock comes into play. Synn was the female manager of the team and she loved to take bumps from the boys (get slammed, punched etc.). Well Synn happens to be the girlfriend of Jim Cornette, and that is where the trouble begin. Brock was telling Synn he was going to squeeze her when he got her in the press slam all day and she said you better not. Brock apparently squeezed Synn real hard in her private area anyway and they got into a huge argument in front of Jim Cornette and you can listen to the rest below.

Ric Flair and Ricky Morton Shoot On Andre The Giant

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We all have heard of the legendary stories of the late great Eight Wonder of The World, Andre The Giant. His unique size and strength capitulated him to the top of the world of wrestling, but his drinking stories are the stuff of legend. Anyone who hung out with Andre talked about how much alcohol the man could consume. At one point it is said that he consumed a case of beer every 90 minutes, EVERY NINETY MINUTES FOLKS!!! WOW

Anyhow another guy that was known for his legendery drinking is the Nature Boy Ric Flair. The Naitch like Andre is known to be a heavy drinker in his own right. In a interview on his podcast, Ric sat down with another wrestling legend Ricky Morton. Ricky and Flair went over several legendary story-lines, characters and more then came up the stories of Andre.

Apparently Ricky Morton and Ric Flair have had quite a few run in’s with the Eighth Wonder of The World. Ricky went on to tell stories about going out to eat with Andre and how much it cost to feed the big man. Flair  went on to talk about how it was to fly with Andre and how Larry Henning told Ric that Andre had two sets of teeth and two hearts and he actually believed him. Ricky went on to talk about being at the same hotel as the Giant. Ric Flair talked about how famous Andre was and how it was to run into the him in the airport. Check out the shoot below and let us know what you think.