Paul Roma Shoots On Triple H


Triple H Paul Levesque has made a few enemies throughout the years. His rise from Hunter Hearse Hemsley to WWF champion Triple H made him the envy of many wrestlers around him. What really tipped the bucket though was his marriage to WWF owner Vince Mcmahon’s daughter Stephanie Mcmahon. Triple H is also one that has not been shy about saying comments that offend other wrestlers.

One wrestler that Triple H has offended is Paul Roma. Paul Roma’s name might not be recognizable to the younger crowd. Paul had a great physique and look and wasn’t even that bad on the mic to be honest. But for whatever reason, Paul was pretty much enhancement talent for the WWF (a jobber) and never won any major titles in his wrestling career. After Paul’s WWF career wrapped up, he went on to join WCW. That is where the highest point of Paul’s career ever got too. He  was apart of the 4 Horsemen along side the likes of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Ole Anderson. Wrestling along side names like that brings your name up a notch or two . At least it would for most wrestlers but nothing really came of it and Paul withered out into the sunset.

Roma’s hatered for Triple H though comes from his comments made in the 4 Horsemen DVD. Triple H with WWE production help bashed Paul Roma being the surprise member of the Horsemen. Basically stating Paul Roma removed credibility of the Horsemen. So in this shoot Paul Roma gives his side of the story and his thoughts on Triple H, Paul Levesque.


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