Ric Flair Shoot Interview With Cody Rhodes


One feud that will always stand out to fans is Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes. In fact, if you want to hear what Dusty Rhodes had to say about Ric Flair click here . Now Dusty has passed away and Ric has pretty much hung up the boots. There talent and ability live on through their children though. Ric Flair is the father of Charlotte, and Dusty Rhodes is the father of the legendary Goldust and the very talented Cody Rhodes.

In this interview Ric Flair interviews Cody Rhodes in his 2 episode of “The Ric Flair Show Podcast”. As most of you are aware Cody recently quit the World Wrestling Entertainment. The reason that most are saying is because of his dissatisfaction with the Stardust character. Cody starts out talking about life growing up the American Dream. He also talks about meeting Ric Flair for the first time and his initial thoughts of the former 16 time World Champion. Flair talks about Cody and Charlotte starting out and hard it had to be on them following in his and Dusty’s shadow.

Cody also talks about what he wanted to do before he was wrestler. He also talked about what made him want to be a professional wrestler. They went on to ask him about what he is doing now that he is out of the big leagues, if he is going to be wrestling soon and if so who?(You’ll want to hear this). He also goes on to talking about watching his fathers tapes and so much more. It’s really a great interview and if your a Cody fan your really going to want to listen.

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