Ryback Shoots On Triple H


Way back earlier in 2016 you might recall Ryback quitting the WWE after writing a long blog post on his frustrations with WWE (you can read the post by clicking here). Ryback wrote about how wrestling is the only job where you do what your told and you get paid less for doing it and many other frustrations. It made sense to some. It mostly pissed off the Internet Wrestling Community because they believe that he wasn’t that good of a wrestler and that he was trying to make himself more than what he was. So Ryback did in his post WWE career that he couldn’t do during his tenure there and that was stir up everyone.

Before his eventful departure from the WWE , Ryback was seen as a Goldberg wanna be older fans and never quit got traction with newer fans. Some people think that he wasn’t given enough opportunity, others think that he was given too much opportunity.

After Ryback (real name Allen Reeves) left he actually pulled a Ultimate Warrior move and legally changed his name to Ryback(that’s when you know things are getting deep). He has been wrestling on the independent scene since.

During a recent interview Ryback was asked about Triple H and his views on him. Ryback gave his views of what he thought about H and he told a story how he was wrestling down in developmental and Triple H had a conversation with him that changed his view of wrestling forever. Check out the short clip below and let us know what you think.

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