Seth Rollins Shoots On Bret Hart


Seth Rollins to many was the best WWE Heel Champion in years. His promos are spot on and his mic word is solid. His in ring work reminds you of Shawn Michaels with a touch of Ric Flair. To say the guy don’t have what it takes is an understatement.  He has worked in the WWE for 7 years. He was on the independents even longer than that. The World Wrestling Entertainment crowd might find him to be kind of a newbie but hardcore wrestling fans know that Seth has been around for a while and is a ring veteran.

Even though Seth is a ring veteran, accidents do happen. Sting suffered a neck injury while wrestling Seth Rollins at Night of Champion 2015.  John Cena got his nose broke at the hands of a knee from Seth Rollins and Seth himself had a knee injury against Kane at a house show in Europe that costed him 7 months of his career and the WWE Title.

Bret Hart on the other hand is one of the sports greatest legends. Known as the “Excellence of Execution” happens to be no joke for the Hitman. His in ring work is noted has being some of the best the sport has ever seen. When Bret went to work no one got injured and hurt in the Hitman’s matches. He took good care of the guys he was wrestling and no one, even his enemies can say that he wasn’t a good wrestler that took good care of everyone he wrestled in the ring.

Recently Bret Hart made the comment that “Seth was not a safe worker” and that he was dangerous and careless. In this shoot interview with Chris Jericho, Seth speaks about Bret saying that and his reaction to it.


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