Steve Austin and Ric Flair Shoot On: Who Is The Toughest Guy In Wrestling?


Two of the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot for in the ring, Stonecold Steve Austin and The Natureboy Ric Flair recently sit down on The Naitch’s podcast. The two talked about everything under the sun involving pro wrestling.

Now there has been plenty of tough men to come through the squared circle. Brock Lesnar, Ron Simmons, Haku (Ming if you liked WCW) are legit hard asses to name a few. Other wrestlers wouldn’t fool with these guys because they knew if they did they would have their ass handed to them in a silver platter.

Everyone says wrestling is fake but some of the guys in the business could make that statment false if they wanted too. A lot of new guys back in the day would come in and have try outs because they thought they had what it took to be a wrestler (couldn’t be hard right, it’s fake). Well the older wrestlers would test them out to see what they are made of. And lets just say that there is a lot of wannabes that went home with their shoulders down. Although there has been a few guys that showed these old timers they are nothing to be messed with and they was tougher than nails.

Below listen to some of Steve Austin’s and Ric Flair’s stories about legit tough men who they thought was the toughest guy’s in wrestling. A Few names on there list might surprise you. If you get a chance and you don’t know a name go back on youtube and see some of them in action and you’ll know why they are considered a tough guy in wrestling.

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