Steve Austin and Vince Russo Shoots On Damien Sandow


Steve Austin like we have said is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Vince Russo is said to be responsible for the greatest time in WWF known as the “The Attitude Era” in the late 90’s when they was competing with WCW in the Monday Night Wars. Many people feel that if it wasn’t for Russo many of the stars that we grew to love and admire wouldn’t have made it as big as they did without Russo’s direction.

Damien Sandow when he first started his run with WWE had the gimmick of an educator sort of like the Genius Lanny Poffo was in the 80’s. Believe it or not though Damien made it work and it started getting over with the fans as lame as the gimmick was. He went on to win the Money In The Bank Match in 2013. After he won the Money In the Bank it appeared his career was taking off until he cashed in his Money In The Bank on Monday Night Raw against John Cena and was beat pretty easily (Made Damien Look Bad).

After it looked like his career was going down the drain, they put him in a tag team with Curtis Axel and they acted like Hulk Hogan and The Macho Man. It shouldn’t have got over but it got over some how and the fans loved it. Hulk Hogan was in the news for saying the “N Word” and that was the end of that gimmick.

The last gimmick he was in was the Miz’s Stunt Double. Again it shouldn’t have got over but Damien made it work again. The guy had all the makings of a great WWE Superstar and could get a broom stick over so what happened to his WWE career. Listen in as Stonecold and Vince Russo elaborate.

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