Steve Austin Shoots On Roman Reigns and Why He Can’t Get Over


Recently on Stonecold Steve Austin’s podcast him and Wade Keller talked about  Roman getting over in WWE. Steve Austin happens to be one of the most “over” WWE superstars of all time. When it comes to knowing how to get over or what it takes to get over he would be the go to guy. Wade Keller is a professional wrestling columnist so he is basically a walking pro wreslting encyclopedia he is easily an expert in the professional wrestling field.

Roman Reigns has been a professional wrestler for only a few short years. He has actually only been on the main rooster for 4 of those years. So he is still growing and learning who and what he is in the ring. While doing so he has also been pushed to the top of the World Wrestling Entertainment brand. They are trying to make him their next John Cena. While doing so though he has come across as being forced and fake. A lot of the smart wrestling fans and the internet wrestling community are totally against the Roman Reigns push. A lot of just passing fans do not like him either, he has not found a way to connect with them.

In this excerpt from Steve’s podcast him and Wade Keller go over why Roman is not getting over and what it would take to get him over. WWE still has a lot of work to do in order to get their chosen one over. Listen in and tell us what you think!

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