Superstar Billy Graham Shoots On Bob Backlund


Before there was the Hulk Hogan’s and Jesse Ventura’s in the world of wrestling, there was Superstar Billy Graham. Superstar was one of the most copied wrestlers ever and he was way ahead of his time. Without him  you would never have had Hulk Hogan’s persona of the 27 inch pythons, the bandanna’s and later on his career the feather boa, and of course is emphasis on the word “brother”. Graham rose to the top of professional wrestling by beating one of the greatest champions of all time for the belt, The Living Legend Bruno Sammartino.

Superstar continued to do what Bruno did before him and that was have sell out crowds and legendary matches. Superstar was a heel though and the people where paying to see him get beat, although later in his title run the fans where starting to cheer for him more and more. After having the title for a little more than a year, WWWF owner Vince Mcmahon Sr. decided he wanted to put the belt on a more wholesome and All American Bob Backlund. So a year into to his title reign Bob Backlund beat Superstar Billy Graham on February 20th, 1978 for the WWWF title and held that title for over 5 years until Iron Sheik beat him in 1983.

In this interview with Hannibal TV Superstar Billy Graham gives his honest opinion of Bob Backlund. He talks about when Vince decided he was going to take the title off of him. He also discusses what Bruno Sammartino thought of the title change and more. It’s an interesting excerpt from a good interview. Let us know what you think below.

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