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Ronnie Garvin Shoots On Dusty Rhodes

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“Hands Of Stone” Ronnie Garvin is a former AWA, NWA, and WWF superstar and wrestler. In 1987 Ronnie Garvin had the win of his career by beating the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair for the NWA title. Garvin lost it only two months later at Starrcade 87. The reason why he had such a short stint as champion was due to Crockett wanting Ric Flair to win the title at Starrcade and in order to win it he had to lose it first. So Ronnie was 42 at the time and decided that if he was going to win a major world title now is the time.

After winning the NWA World Title Garvin went on to feud with The Varsity Club with Kevin Sullivan. He turned heel shortly after that by hitting Dusty Rhodes and preventing him from winning Windham’s US Title. Shortly after that Garvin went on to the World Wrestling Federation. Garvin had several encounters with Greg Valentine that made up most of his time in the WWF. Shortly after he started wrestling on the independents.

In this interview with Hannibal TV Ronnie gives his true opinion on Dusty Rhodes. What few people knew about Dusty was that he was the head booker for Crockett Promotions (The National Wrestling Alliance). Ronnie tells us what it was like with Dusty booking the show. If you think its another story of how great Dusty was, your wrong. Ronnie doesn’t have a very high opinion of the way Dusty ran the card. Listen below and tell us what you think.

Dusty Rhodes On Ric Flair

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Two names that are legendary in the sport of wrestling are Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. In their prime both was elite of the National Wrestling Alliance. Dusty was “The American Dream”, the common man, he stood for all the blue collar workers out there and he would often call himself “Son of A Plumber” to show how much he could relate to everyone out there with ordinary jobs and lives. He was the ultimate face (good guy). Ric Flair was the cocky and arrogant World Heavyweight Champion. He stood for wealth and excess. He had more money than you and he had way more fun than you. All the men were jealous of him and all the girls wanted to be with him. He was the ultimate heel (bad guy) in his day. When these two locked up, it was instant magic and it was instant money for the two. They headlined hundreds of shows and sold out numerous arenas.

Before they was headlining arenas though they was good friends. In fact a young Flair admits in his biography that he wanted to be “Ramblin Ricky Rhodes” Dusty’s little brother. Lucky for us, Dusty told him “we already got a Dusty Rhodes, why don’t you be Ric Flair” and the rest is history. When the 80’s began though both where in line to carry the most prestigious title in wrestling, the NWA World Title. ┬áBoth beat Harley Race at different times for that title so there was natural competitive spirit between the two to begin with. So when there feud began in the mid 80’s it felt so natural and real .

In this excerpt from an interview with Dusty he gives his honest opinion of Ric Flair and it might surprise you.