Teddy Long Shoots On Racism, Melina, Bella Twins and More


Theodore Robert Rufus Long or Teddy Long as he is known in wrestling has been a little of everything in the squared circle. He has been a Manager,Ref, Smackdown Manager. To younger fans that never heard of him he just has the catch phrase playa and was a pretty cool Smackdown Manager. To older fans though that remember the NWA. They might remember Teddy starting out as a referee. After Teddy was a referee he went on to become a bit more famous as a tag team manager of Doom (Ron Simmons and Butch Reed).

Before Teddy was any of these on air roles he was an errand boy for Tommy Rich and Abdullah The Butcher. After that he was a ring boy. Teddy worked his way up through the ranks to be where he is today. So he was not an over night success. Throughout his career Teddy has faced numerous acts of racism that probably prevented him from being even bigger of a star or a manager.

In This shoot interview with You Shoot Teddy goes on to discuss how Ric Flair didn’t like him. How Ole called him the N word right there in the ring. He also gives plenty of other examples how talent treated him just because he was of dark skin. That is not the only thing he talks about either. He talks about Melina sleeping around. He listens to an excerpt from a Tony Atlas story and gives his views. He also talks about a strange Tony Atlas story and his fetish.

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