The Best Shoot Interview Ever-The Iron Sheik


When old school pro wrestling fans hear the name Iron Sheik, they think Iranian, WWF Champion, athlete, heel etc. To newer fans though he is a legend because of his shoot interviews and his crazy drug fueled stories that almost all wrestlers love to tell on Sheiky Baby.

Born Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri but known as The Iron Sheik in his wrestling career, was known to be tough and a pure athlete much like Kurt Angle is known today. Sheik  was a heel most of his active wrestling career, but has his stories and legend grew all fans have grown to love the Iranian. The interview below is what put Iron Sheik back on the map after his active wrestling career was over.

In the interview, Sheik is asked about Wrestlemania 3. The Sheik goes on a wild rant about Brain B. Blair (one of the wrestlers whom him and his tag team partner wrestled against at WM3 in a tag team match). He goes on to talk about how Blair is “Gay like Michael Jackson”. He uses terms like “fag” “jew” and a few more choice words. If you have ever heard the saying “Break His Back, Fuck Him In The Ass, and Make Him Humble” you owe it to The Iron Sheik (I don’t know why you would  owe him something for hearing this though). That is what he said he would do to Brain Blair, the part I didn’t get though was why is he saying he would that to Mr. Blair than in the next sentence he calls him gay. Does it make it straight sex if you break their back and you are having sex with them to make them humble? Listen and let us know what you think about this entertaining interview.

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