Vince Russo Shoots On Why Him and Jim Cornette Feud


So last time we heard Jim Cornette’s side of his feud with Vince Russo (You can here the interview by clicking here). In this article we take a look at the feud between Russo and Cornette from Russo’s point of view Vince Russo has not said as much about Jim Cornette as Jim as said about him. Vince’s side is a lot more condensed than Cornette’s side. So you will not here a forty minute rant like you did from Jim Cornette.

In this interview with Kenny Bolin from “The Boilin Alley”, Kenny ask Vince “Where did things go south between him and Jim Cornette”. Vince goes on to explain his side of what happened in World Wrestling Federation with Vince Mcmahon. He said that Jim was very stubborn and was not willing to budge and that is the reason Vince had to let Cornette go.

Vince also talked about working Jim in TNA. He said the reason why Jeff Jarrett brought both of them in was because he wanted both of there minds and that he could make a great product that way. He said that he was willing to get along with Jim Cornette for Jeff’s sake. He said they was getting along until Jeff Jarrett was sent home by Dixie Carter. He said once that happened there was no buffer between him and Cornette and once again Dixie choose Vince’s side over Jim and Jim was let go.

I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle but it is still interesting to here the two sides talk. I can’t wait to post when the two are on a podcast together.


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